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Ever wonder how dirty is your handbag?

Updated: Jan 3, 2018

According to a UK study 20 percent of handbag contained more bacteria and germs than the average public toilet seats or flush.

On average, bags brought in by our new customers have not been getting its routine cleaning since leaving its dust bag. In fact our customers are quite surprised or shocked by the amount of 'dirty stuff' extracted from their precious bag.

According to a UK studies, 25 different handbags were swabbed and compared the results to separate data on toilet hygiene. They found that handle were the dirtiest part of most handbags—it carries more bacteria than the average toilet seat. In fact, it contained a large enough amount of bacteria to be considered a health treat especialy to infants. As for the items in the bags, hand creams were found to be one of the bacteria friendliest on the list and lips stick coming in second. Both were also found to be more germ-infested than the average toilet seat but generally it is better than bag handles

This is the average amount of 'err water' extracted from bags

We strongly suggest sending your bag to the professionals for routine cleaning. As for bag cleaning, non-water immersion cleaning techniques is the way to go- but why you may ask. Submerging water cleaning such as washing machine are very damaging to the structure and leather of the bag. We frequently receive bag from customer which is damage by other non experience laundry cleaner or bag restorer. Some synthetic leather bag will even peel off after water immersion cleaning. Why take the risk? Bring your bag to the professional bag cleaners to avoid irreversible bag damages.

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